Make this Labor Day the best one ever!

Honor the work that made the USA with these simple tips on how to host the perfect, fun Labor Day Celebration

Need some inspiration for things to do on Labor Day? We're here to give you step by step advice on hosting the best party, without sucking up all the costs. No more broken promises or last minute plans - just the best Labor Day Weekend.

Step One - Plan The Food!


No celebration is complete without the food. This is where you can make or break a party. We've found some of the best options out there to make sure this a Labor Day to remember


The perfect food for a large group of happy hungry party goers! Who doesn't love a delicious slider with an ice-cold brewski?

Potato Salad

Making sure to include at least one big bowl (or two or three...) of a good potato salad is essential for happy hearts and minds on Labor Day.

Mac n Cheese

You could go for the classic or you could more adventurous and make a Fried Chicken Mac and Cheese with a side of Buffalo Sauce to really get the party started!


Choose a classic kebab or something adventurous like Cajun Shrimp or Surf n Turf kebabs.

Cheese Burgers and Hot Dogs

A must for kids and adults alike inbetween all of the fun Labor Day activities!

If you have included all of these then you are well on your way to organizing the best Labor Day party in town.

You could ask your friends who are coming to look after one of these dishes each, but if you want to avoid countless back and forth messages and the challenges of trying to get lots of food to arrive on time and hot from many different places, why not just create a 'money pot' for everyone to pay their dues into and you'll have the money up front!

Step Two - Choose the Perfect Location!


How many people will be attending? What time of the day will it be? will it be one day or the whole weekend? Will it be warm that day? All these questions need to be considered when choosing the perfect location for your celebration.

Firstly, go and check the weather forecast for Labor Day. 'When is Labor Day?' I hear you ask! It's the first Monday in September, so Labor Day 2022 is 5th September. Labor Day 2023 is 4th September.

Keep it simple and setup in your Garden.

If it's sunny then get some ice buckets and if its rainy then get the gazebo out!

A local park

Are you planning an event that includes your local community? Why not host it in a public park near you. These have great green spaces and offer lots of Labor Day activities for the kids!

Rent out a party space

Your own private room for you and your guests, these often come with the all-important bar and lots of room for fun Labor Day activities.

These options will involve preparation, and these preparations need your dollars to make them happen. Deposit to pay for a private space? Need Gazebos? Outdoor lights? Speakers for music? Get everyone to pay their dues easily to ensure the best Labor Day Weekend party!

Step Three - Invite all your favorite people! and do it early!


Don't leave it until the last minute. Make sure when people are asked 'what are you doing for Labor Day' everyone says they are going to your party!

Create and send 'Save the Date' cards. Set up a Whatsapp group so that you can stir up excitement and ideas. It will also mean you can post details of any Labor Day activities you want to arrange and the all important link for everyone to pay their dues to make it come together!

You don't want to have all your favorite people split across six different events. Get organized and get everyone at the same event so it can be the biggest and best labor day party any of them have ever seen!

Step Four - Plan an unmissable event by including these fun Labor Day activities


You now have food and location covered but what else is needed to make this the perfect celebration? Some unforgetable activities to entertain your guests!

7 Amazing Activities to make your Labor Day Party perfect!

  1. Have a fireworks display as the sun starts to set on the end of summer!
  2. Turn your backyard into a home theatre using a projector and screen! Don't have a projector screen? Pin a white sheet up against a wall!
  3. Organize a backyard games competition - will it be adults Vs kids, Girls Vs Boys or Family Vs Family? However you organize it having games really brings joy to the celebrations!
  4. Host a cookout - see which chef amongst your people has the best skills!
  5. Host your own home made Lemonade (or cocktail) stand! What a great way for your guests to stay refreshed!
  6. Start toasting smores and enjoy that childhood experience again!
  7. Setup a sprinkler/slip n slide - let the kids have some real fun while also keeping them cool! What kid doesn't love to run through the water on a summers day?

With so many activities to choose from, you can let your imagination run wild. Just don't let your amazing ideas be curbed by restrictions on money. Activites can be expensive if it's just you paying, but if each family contributes to an overall collection, you can quickly raise lots of money in advance of having to pay it out. Then you know your budget and can achieve the Labor Day party you want without bankrupting yourself or melting your credit card!

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